11 Plus-Size Fall Jackets for Any Occasion

Lifestyle, Fashion / Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019
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Summer is officially over, especially here in Calgary where we saw a gigantic dump of snow during the last weekend of September. It’s time to put away those tank tops, short shorts and adorable rompers in favour of some warmer clothing, including your plus-size fall jackets.

If you’re looking for a cute and stylish jacket that can keep you warm during this colder season, these plus-size fall jackets might be just what you’re looking for.

We have choices for mild, cool and cold weather, along with stylish jackets you can wear to dressier occasions. And they’re all available on Amazon, so let’s get shopping! 

Plus-size fall jackets for mild weather

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where fall means reasonable temperatures—mild to warm days and cool nights, then one of these light plus-size fall jackets might just do the trick.

These plus-size jackets should do the trick if you’re living somewhere where fall means temperatures from 15 to 0 degrees Celcius (59 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit). So basically anywhere that’s not Canada.

Plus-size fleece jacket

There are warm and cool days in fall, and not every one of those days requires a thick jacket or multiple layers to fight the cool. When it comes to those days with a slightly warmer temperature, a Camel Crown fleece jacket will do the trick!

This plus size polar fleece coat has a classic design that gives a cuddly feel on a nippy night. It’s built with moisture permeability in mind so the jacket will soak up sweet to ensure it stays warm. Plus, It can also be added as a layer underneath a thicker jacket or raincoat if you want a little something extra.

If blue isn’t your style, you can get this cozy fall jacket in seven other colours including purple, pink, black and even one in black with hot pink accents. If you need something to throw on to run to the car or need something light to take the dog out for his nightly walk, then this plus size fall jacket might just do the trick!

Get the Camel Crown fleece jacket on Amazon

Plus size windbreaker

Depending on where you live, wind can be a very real fall weather issue. And sometimes what you need in a plus-size fall jacket is simply to block the pesky wind or even rain. In that case, a stylish windbreaker by Kacocob might just do the trick. 

These two-toned jackets come in 10 colours including the pink and purple-grey combo pictured, and go up to size 5XL. They are made from a combination of polyester and spandex and offer both water and sun protection. Plus they’re quick-drying, so even if you do run into a bunch of rain, it’ll dry nice and quick.

This is a great fall jacket, but it can be used in all weather when you need a little protection. Plus, you can combine it with a fleece jacket or sweater if you need to stay a little warmer. 

Get the Kacocob Windbreaker on Amazon

Plus size thick sweater jacket

Looking for a more fashion-forward option for your plus-size fall jacket? Then the PrettyGarden shaggy coat might just be what you’re looking for. This fashionable faux-fur coat has an adorable oversized look that you can just cuddle right into.

This jacket comes in 15 colours, which vary between a zippered or button enclosure. If you want a nice cozy zipper, you can get this jacket in a selection of colours including, black, brown and green. But if you like the button style pictured above, you can find in colours like pink, green and brown.

This jacket is both fashion-forward and perfect for when you just need a little warmth to add to your outfit. It has a relaxed fit and can be the perfect companion for your coffee date or something you shrug on when you need to grab your groceries from the car.

Get the PrettyGarden shaggy jacket on Amazon

Cool-weather plus-size fall jacket

Fall has good and bad days, and chances are that means you need more than one coat. These fashionable fall jacket picks all come in plus sizes and will keep you warm in the cool weather, when a mild-weather jacket simply won’t do.

Plus size hooded raincoat

I love a good trenchcoat style rainjacket, but when you’re plus-size they can go either way. I’ve had incredibly flattering jackets in this style, and others that made me look like I was wearing a plastic bag (AKA not flattering). 

But the Hanna Nikole plus-size fall raincoat is adorable. And it has a cinched waist which helps cull out your waistline so it doesn’t look like you just threw on a garbage bag and called it a day. Naturally, this cute jacket is waterproof and it has just a tad bit of warmer material inside to help keep your temperature up.

You can get this jacket in a black or the navy blue pictured. It’s lighter than some of the other choices on our list, but definitely double-check the sizing before you purchase because not all internet purchases work the same!

Get the Hanna Nikole on Amazon

Columbia waterproof jacket

The Columbia Acadia jacket comes in sizes up to 3X (depending on the colour you choose) and is perfect for those the slightly chillier days. It’s a bit thicker than a nice windbreaker, but a little cooler than the thicker warm jackets.

It’s machine-washable and comes in 28 colours (though pre-warning a lot of the colours are sold out in certain sizes). It has a concealed zipper panel and is made of 100% nylon, plus it has size-zip pockets.

You can get this jacket for under $60 USD (approximately $90 CAD) and it’s perfect for keeping warm and dry on a cool rainy day. 

Get the Columbia Acadia jacket on Amazon

Military safari-hooded jacket

This cute Olivia military-style jacket is perfect for chillier fall days when you’re faced with cooler temperatures. Plus, if you can size it right, it has a cute fitted style that flatters a bunch of body types. 

You can get this jacket in 41 different colours (I kid you not) but again, a lot of the colours are sold out in specific styles. This jacket, according to the reviews, purchasers recommend that you get something in a slightly larger size as it fits small.

This cute little jacket has a hood, and a drawstring waist and hood. And it has a slim fit so you probably won’t be able to wear a sweater underneath.

Get the Olivia safari-hooded jacket on Amazon

Casual plus-size fall jacket

If you’re looking for a slightly heavier rainjacket, the Uniboutique active jacket comes in plus sizes up to XXL. It can help keep the wind and rain off you.

This fashionably sporty jacket comes in four styles including the green pictured, black, red and blue. It is made of waterproof and breathable material, so you can keep comfortable and dry during any wetter days.

It’s a thicker jacket, so you won’t want to wear it on a particularly mild day. It has a velcro zipper panel so there won’t be any droplets seeping through the material.

Get the Uniboutique casual rainjacket on Amazon

Plus-size jacket for cold weather

Not all of us are lucky enough to live somewhere with mild fall temperatures. It’s October 2, and here in Calgary we’ve already had snow.

Plus-size parka

If you’re unlucky enough to live in a place that gets snow early in the year (*cough* Canada *cough*) then you might need a winter-style parka like the In’voland. This cute and comfortable jacket is perfect for cooler fall days where snow threatens to show.

You can get this plus size parka in black, navy blue or green. It has a cinched waist, faux-fur inside, a hood and pockets. 

This brand specifically focused on plus-size clothing (I have some bodysuits from them that I love) so their sizes range from 16 to 24. It’s made from soft and durable polyester, so it should be able to move from fall to winter without breaking down!

Get the In’voland winter jacket on Amazon

Sherpa-lined fall parka

I really like the look of the Wantdo winter jacket, but admittedly it doesn’t work for every body type. Even so, this plus size parka comes in sizes up to 3X. 

You can get this bad boy in four colours including khaki (pictured), black, navy and green. It’s lined with cozy sherpa, has four outer pockets and a detachable hood. That way you can keep your ears warm!

You need to hand wash cold or dry clean this jacket, making it a bit higher maintenance than some of the other picks. And it’s suitable for any casual or professional occasion that you need to keep warm.

Get the Wantdo sherpa-lined parka on Amazon

Dressy Plus-Size Fall Jackets

Cold weather doesn’t mean that you want to wear a frumpy, puffy jacket. Sometimes you need something a bit dressier and stylish. And that’s where these cute picks come in. 

Single-breasted long coat

The Agnes Orinda is a stylish jacket that can be worn for any professional or dressy occasion where you need to keep warm. It has a stylish button-up style and a belt (if you want to use it). 

This jacket comes in the stylish burgundy style shown. Unfortunately, there are no other colours that I could find, but it has three black buttons to keep it closed and the cool air off.

It has slant pockets and a turn-down collar. But it’s higher maintenance and it needs to be dry cleaned and ironed on cool. It comes in sizes 1X to 4X. 

Get the Agnes Orinda on Amazon

Double-breasted trench coat

If you need something for cool but not cold weather, the Agnes Orinda double-breasted trench coat might just be the perfect pick. 

This stylish coat has full-length sleeves, front pockets and is double-breasted with two rows of brown buttons. It’s a stylish choice for something to keep the cool weather off you while you need to be fashionable. 

Get the Agnes Orinda trench coat in khaki

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