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Books, Mystery / Sunday, August 18th, 2019
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Troll is a slow-burn technology-driven mystery that follows a guilty father when the daughter he’s lost touch with goes missing. Sophie who’s life has been turned upside down by an internet troll has effectively disappeared, but no one believes she’s gone. Fortune, her absentee father, is determined to find her, dead or alive.

The Highlights

  • Slow burn but compelling story
  • Internet-based mystery
  • Complex storyline
  • Thriller, mystery
  • Warning: themes of suicide, stalking and pedophilia 


This book was really more of a slow-burn for me. While I would agree that it’s definiately a thriller, it wasn’t as gripping or page-turning as I wanted it to be. And I definitely wanted the ending to be more climactic. 

That said, the storyline really was compelling. It’s hard to imagine having your whole life taken apart piece by piece by someone you don’t know and not being able to do anything about it. It reminds me of the CSI: Cyber episode where hackers virtually “murder” victims, and since dead people can’t do anything they’re stuck living without life. 

Troll is not a murder mystery per-say, though it does contain murder. It’s more of a missing person mystery. But you come across a whole ton of crazy criminal behaviour—conspiracy, stalking and pedophilia. So, if that’s your forte, then it might just be the book for you! 

Compelling story aside, I did find that the book was a tad bit long for the story. And while I wanted to finish the novel it took me longer than usual because I wasn’t compelled to read it. 

  • Recommended for readers who like modern-day mysteries with a heavy dose of technology.

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About D.B. Thorne

D.B. Thorne has a background in advertising, film and television, including television shows such as Harry and Paul and comedians like Jimmy Carr. Troll is his fourth novel. And since Troll was published, he wrote and published a fifth book.

So far, Thorne has written four other books including Perfect Match, Nothing Sacred, East of Innocence and Promises of Blood. As far as I can tell, they’re all thrillers so if you love Troll, check them out!

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