3 last minute host gifts you can pick up on your way to the party

Lifestyle / Saturday, December 23rd, 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Look, the holiday season is busy and we are bound to forget something, for me it is usually the host gift. In case you find yourself in the same situation here are a few gifts appropriate for the host that you can pick up on your way to the party.

Do you need to bring a gift to the host of the party? No, not at all – but it certainly helps to raise your adult profile shades about your less thoughtful counterparts. And host gifts do not need to be particularly challenging either, you can get a nice, simple one for a relatively decent price right on your way to the party. Here are our suggestions for the perfect last-minute gift:

Christmas giftA bottle of wine | Or any bottle of alcohol for that matter, preferably whatever your host likes since it is an intended gift for them. If you are wanting to go with something nicer and have the room in your budget, hit a $30 – $40 bottle.

A box of chocolates | And who doesn’t love chocolate? Around the holidays you can get a box of chocolates of any calibre pretty much anywhere. The more mixed the box, the fancier. If you want to go with something slightly nicer, head to a specialty store and pick up a box from there.

A container of nuts | If you’re looking for a gift of the healthier variety, go with a fancy tin of nuts for the gracious host. Nuts are huge around the Christmas season with people

Getting a host gift doesn’t need to be a frustrating ordeal, a quick stop by any grocery and/or liquor store should get you the perfect host gift to make you look like the cool, calm, collected and on-par adult that you are.

Bonus gift | Fancy cheese, I’m dead serious… who doesn’t love cheese?