4 things to do your first week back at work to make it not quite so awful

Career, Work / Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

How many of us most certainly DID NOT want to head back to work after the holiday season? If you’re like me and you got a week and a bit off to hang out at home and catch some zzzs… you are lucky. But now it’s time to head back to work and we are severely bummed out…

Here are a few things we can do the first week back to help us overcome the adult work blues:

1 | Plan a happy hour get together with your corporate besties

Nothing makes a work week more enjoyable than having a Thursday night get-together to look forward to. So call up your corporate besties and plan appies and drinks together, plan for a cheap happy hour and set yourself aside a two-hour window so you can enjoy your time, but not go overboard. Having people to reminisce and vent to makes the BIGGEST difference in a long work week.

2 | Treat yourself to a nice lunch once the week is through

Set up some you time during lunch and treat yo’ self. You don’t have to go all out crazy, but find yourself a nice table in the food court, grab your favourite dish and read a book in peace for an hour. Trust us, you deserve it. AND doing it on a Friday helps you have something to look forward too during the week – even if it is something small.

3 | Change up your desk

Rearrange it, clean it or add some new trinkets to your work area and give your space a small refresh. Your desk is your home away from home at work so-to-speak and it’s important that you have a little fun with it. If you have access to a window, maybe you stop on your lunch break and get yourself that plant you’ve been eyeing up, or add a fun new tape dispenser. Add in items that remind you of your fun personality and freedom!

4 | Wear something new

Strut your stuff in a new piece because, why not? Sometimes wearing a new jacket, fancy pair of shoes or your new shade of lipstick can put enough pep into your step to get you through the week. So slip on those Cinderella slippers and get your work grove on.

All real adults have to work — so allow yourself some fun while getting through another work week in the new year.