4 things your boss does that shows she doesn’t take you seriously

Career, Work / Friday, December 22nd, 2017
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Beginning a career can be intimidating, and the first few bosses you have will lend a great deal to your professional future so it is important for you to evaluate how that relationship takes place. There are good bosses and there are bad bosses, and while you will no doubt encounter both it is important that you identify what kind of boss you have.

One type of bad boss is the type that doesn’t take you seriously. Perhaps you’re young and they view you as someone who is a friend of their child more than a co-worker, or they don’t think your work is as good as theirs… whatever the problem is, there is no doubt a problem. Here are a few situations that might help you identify how your boss truly feels about you.

  1. She wows about your work like a parent congratulating a child | She uses phrases like “good girl” or “good boy” when you do something positive, or gives you a high five or physical pat-on-the-back. While it is great to get acknowledgement when you do some great work (which face it, we know you do) when you feel like a first grader getting a gold star you have a problem.
  2. He abuses your time | Let’s say your scheduled hours are from 8 am until 5 pm and your boss consistently drops off “very important work” at 4 pm that will require at least two hours extra to do and has to be done first thing in the morning, you have an issue. Most of us have to do a little extra time here or there, but these situations should be the exception and not the rule. If you are constantly facing this problem with a boss it might be worth it to have a chat on how you can help them get projects to you earlier in the day, or discuss if your work hours need to be adjusted so you don’t have to consistently work late.
  3. She consistently shows up late to your meetings | Every one is late every once in a while, that is just reality. But if you often have meetings booked with your boss and they are consistently showing up late saying “sorry my 2 pm ran late” or “I had to stop by so-and-so’s office”
  4. He expects you to perform personal tasks for him | Getting a latte, fetching lunch, picking up dry-cleaning and even paying for their parking – most companies do not hire people to do this for their management teams. Now, if you have been hired as a personal assistant or it has been previously discussed as being part of your job description then have’atter. But it is important to remember that you are hired and paid by the company and not necessarily by the person you’re working for and if you feel like you’re being taken advantage of it is possible you might be. If you have questions about the tasks you’re doing and you think they may be inappropriate, refer back to your original job description and talk to your human resources group, they should be able to help you figure it out.

You might think “this is just the way it is” but the truth is, if your boss is not taking you seriously, something in them probably thinks you don’t belong on their team and if that’s the case, you don’t. Don’t get me wrong, you and I both know that you’re an exceptional addition to the team, but you aren’t allowed to be taken seriously you won’t be performing your best work and instead of working on projects you love your professional trajectory will be stunted by a boss who isn’t in it to help you grow.

We spend a lot of our active time at work; it is imperative that we genuinely enjoy being there. Otherwise, what is the point?