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Looking for a New Place? Consider These Apartment Security and Safety Features

Apartment hunting can be a little overwhelming. But if you’re looking for a new place, these apartment security and safety features should definitely be considered. There’s no such thing as too safe when it comes to your home!

As a single woman living alone, when it comes to finding the perfect apartment security and safety should be a priority. 

Truthfully, when you’re looking for an apartment there are probably a ton of things that are higher on your must-have list than safety. In-suite laundry, air conditioning, a big bathtub, or a pool to name a few, but security needs to be top of mind.

But when it comes to apartment security and safety features, what should you be looking for? Here’s my list:

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Apartment security and safety features to look for 

When it comes to apartment security and safety, there are a few things I keep an eye out for when I’m looking for my next home. Whether you’re living alone or bunking with roommates, I would still consider looking at these options:

1. A secure building

When it comes to apartment security, looking at the overall building is a great start. When you’re looking for a new place, I recommend looking for a secure building. 

A secure building means that you require a key to get in and out, in newer buildings this typically means some kind of electronic pass.

Buildings like mine go one step further by preventing movement around the building without a key. I can access only my floor, the common areas and the floor where my car is parked with my key, but no other floors. 

Having secured floors means that if someone does gain entry to the building, they’re much less likely to be able to move around and you shouldn’t find strangers wandering around your floor.  

2. Fire doors

For apartment security and safety, fire doors can be a great feature. Fire doors are, as the name advertises, fire-resistant and built to help prevent smoke and fire from spreading around.

When it comes to fire doors in apartment buildings, they also automatically lock when closed. That means when you leave your apartment, your door is locked.

While I like fire doors, a quick word of warning, it’s incredibly easy to lock yourself out. So, make sure to double-check that you have your keys with you—I say this from experience!

3. On-site security

Beyond having typical security features, one thing I look for when it comes to apartment security is having on-site security.

While on-site security is not the same as having police on-site (obviously), it helps to know there’s someone on-site that you can talk to if you need someone.

Not all apartments have full on-site security. But if you’re looking for a new home, I would highly recommend sticking with a building that hired on-site security for after hours.

4. Sprinklers and alarms

Apartment safety is an important factor, and one of the most elementary safety features that a building can put in are sprinklers and alarms. But not all apartment buildings have a good safety set up.

If you’re looking at a newer building, make sure that there are built-in sprinklers and alarm systems—we’re not talking about your standard household alarm, but a system wired to the central building.

If you’re looking at an older building, ask questions about their sprinkler and alarm system and make sure it’s adequate. Your safety is more important than low rent.

5. After hours emergency line

The last feature I highly recommend when it comes to apartment security (and one that every building should have) is an after-hours emergency line.

While on-site security is a great feature, you’ll also want access to an after-hours emergency line that goes to building management. Just in case!

Other apartment security tips

While those are the apartment security features that I look for when I’m scoping out new places, there are a few extra things you can do for yourself to keep your apartment safer and more secure.

Get a security system

While no rentals will allow you to put in a wired security system, there are a ton of wireless security systems you can get. 

You don’t need something huge, especially in a smaller apartment, just something that monitors your home both when you’re in and out of it. You can even get systems that allow you to video monitor your home.

Choose an apartment higher than the ground floor

Ground floor apartments aren’t the safest for single ladies. I would recommend going for an apartment that is higher than the ground floor and can only be accessed from inside the building.

Give someone you trust a set of keys

Lastly, I recommend handing off your second set of keys to someone you trust that preferably lives close. Just in case!

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