Why Being Single Is The Best

Single Life / Friday, February 15th, 2019
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Being single is da bomb. Do kids still say da bomb anymore? Whatever word we currently use to describe it, being single is great.

My intention was to post this on Valentine’s Day, but perhaps my accidental delay is for the best because the post-Valentine’s Day haze as you’re getting over all the cute couples making you feel lonely and undesirable is probably the best time to read a post about why being single is the best.

So if you had a crappy day yesterday watching rom-coms on the couch or giving the stink eye to cute couples starring googly-eyes at each other all evening, I thought it might be nice to remind you why being single is the best.

You owe no one an explanation

Read the last iMessage from someone and don’t feel like replying right now (or perhaps you forgot), that read receipt is not your problem. You owe no one an immediate reply (whether real or implied). Would rather watch paint dry than sit shivering on a wooden bench underneath a heating lamp in your parka under a thin throw next to the other “hockey wives” bragging up their dude’s biceps, jobs or otherwise? Yeah, me too. And you don’t have to.

Being single means you don’t have to do anything and you owe no one an explanation of why. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes your friends put similar demands on you but there is this implied idea that you owe your significant other an explanation for everything. No significant other, no problem.

You’re only responsible to and for yourself

Last year I decided to walk away from my cushy corporate job for life as a freelance writer. It’s a lot busier of a lifestyle, a lot less predictable and right now a lot less lucrative. But I love it.

I had the luxury of doing this because I’m not responsible to or for anyone else. I need to cover my bills expenses, put food on my table for yours truly, take care of my dog and afford the $10 a month for a Netflix subscription. Beyond that, I owe no one anything. And I am responsible for nothing else.

If I decided to pack up and move to Bora Bora tomorrow, I could do that. If I decided that my time was best spent exploring North America on horseback, I could do that (pending I could find a doggie seat for a horse). And if I want to spend a week holed up in my house working and watching Murder, She Wrote for a week and not leave, I can do that — I really can, I did it last week.

Being single means you aren’t responsible to or for anyone else.

You have more free time (and can be spontaneous with it)

Every once in a while on a whim I feel like brushing off for a day and visiting the pandas at the zoo or want to walk down to the cinema and catch a flick that I know is incredibly embarrassing but I want to see it anyway — being single means I have the time and flexibility to all of those things.

Working for myself also helps. But that’s neither here nor there.

You have more money

Dating is actually incredibly expensive. Even if you’re in a traditional man-pays relationship (which is, quite frankly outdated… don’t do that lady!) there are still significant costs involved. Some include:

  • Beauty costs — think makeup, clothing, jewelry… anything that makes you look and feel like you’re ready to go on a date
  • Unmentionables, as my grandmother would call them — fancy undergarments to make you feel confident and/or impress in the bedroom
  • App subscriptions — if you’re on the market, you might have to pay to be there
  • Protection — birth control, condoms, etc. these things ain’t cheap
  • Transportation — gas, cab fare, train tickets… it adds up

And the biggest cost of all? Time. Time is finite, you can’t replenish it!

Seriously though, being single means you have more money to spend on the most important person in the world — you. Put away all those extra bucks and take yourself on a romantic trip for one to Greece. You deserve it, babe.

You can flirt without feeling bad

I’m a terrible flirt. It’s really just my personality, I like to connect with people and unfortunately in 2019 poking fun and chatting up basically any guy is considered “flirting” today. I prefer to do my flirting without the watchful eye of a boyfriend.

Being single means you can play the field, and playing the field is actually a ton of fun. Go out, get some drinks, throw your number to the cute bartender — girl, you do you!

You can be lazy and not feel bad

My favourite Saturday night activity? Publicly — going out on the town with the girls, catching the latest flick at the cinema or having a bit at the next up-and-coming restaurant. In reality? Watching film after film on Netflix in my PJs.

Being single means you can actually be lazy and you don’t have to feel bad about it. I have no problem telling my girlfriends I’m broke, lazy or simply don’t feel like it — but telling a boyfriend? That’s mortifying!

You don’t have to shave

This is hands-down my favourite reason to be single. It might seem gross or completely ridiculous but shaving is the bain of my existence. Don’t get me wrong, I shave many areas of my body but that area I’d rather just upkeep. Society’s put this really weird idea in all our heads that being a woman means having no hair (or impossibly landscaped hair) down there and honestly, I think that’s bullsh*t.

Being single means I don’t have to go through that weird are they going to like meis it going to be a big deal — conversation in my head constantly. I do what I want and anyone who doesn’t like it can suck it.

You have a chance to date yourself

I’m big on dating myself. I’m actually a killer date — I’m charming, funny and have the best taste in films, music, books, food… you name it. I’m the perfect date. But it wasn’t until I stopped hating the fact that I was single and feeling embarrassed about doing things on my own that I really found that out.

A while ago I travelled to Victoria, British Columbia for a few weeks to attend school. I tacked a few days onto the beginning of my trip to go on a solo vacation and decided that I was going to treat myself to the best weekend ever. I took myself to the best restaurants, visited the touristy attractions that I wanted to see, took myself out to the movies, wandered the mall and even took myself out for a moonlit stroll along the pier. It was the best experience I’ve ever given myself.

Being single means you have an opportunity to date yourself and get to know yourself. Chance are if you give yourself a chance you’ll find out that you’re pretty damn awesome.