Binge your way into the new year

Play, Film / Saturday, December 30th, 2017
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Sometimes all we want to do is spend a little time binging some good TV, and we think it’s high time you have a little you time with your couch, TV and dog. The break between Christmas and New Years is perfect for some downtime and a good series, so in case you’re looking for something good to watch, here are five shows we recommend binge-watching your way into 2018.

Fuller House | Season 3

  • This is a family drama
  • For late 80s and 90s pre-teens

The end of the third season of fuller house was put on Netflix earlier this month and now is the perfect time to binge it. If you were a fan of Full House, Fuller House is most-certainly your show. For those that are late to the first two seasons, the show follows the grown-up Tanner kids (minus the Olsen twins) in their adult lives with their own families in the same Tanner house. While admittedly cheesy, I personally binged this show in less than 48 hours, with an entire turkey dinner in the middle. It was a good time.

Mindhunters | Season 1Netflix Mindhunter

  • This is a drama
  • For fans of true crime and dramatic procedurals

If you are a true crime fan you must watch this. Mindhunters takes a look inside the first Serial Killer Unit, and it is fascinating. The writing is fantastic, the filming is flawless and the storyline is incredibly intriguing. I cannot put into words how much I enjoy this show, only to say I highly recommend it, especially if you are into true crime.

Dynasty | Season 1

  • This is a drama
  • For the millennial crowd

If you’re into high-stakes drama, family-feuding, big business, a little bit of politics and complicated love schemes this is your show. A few years back ABC ran a 10-episode series called Blood & Oil about breaking out in the oil industry, Dynasty reminds me of that only on a whole other level. Blake Carrington’s largest competition turns out to be his daughter Fallon when she is scorned when he replaces his COO with his new wife. The story tells the cutthroat tales of the high-profit energy business.

The Crown | Season 2

  • This is a historical drama
  • For fans of history, monarchy and politics

If you’re not into The Crown, you probably should be — everyone is into The Crown. It is the history of Queen Elizabeth II (the sitting Queen of England, in case you don’t know) from her ascension to the throne in the 1940s. Admittedly, parts of the show are dry but if you’re fascinated with history, especially political history and monarchies, you should most certainly check it out.

Star Trek seriesAnything Star Trek | Literally any season

  • This is a science fiction
  • For fans of space travel, adventure and allegory
  • Oh, and also serious nerds like me 😉

NERD ALERT … Ok, it’s me! You caught me! While it is pretty much impossible for you to finish one show of this franchise, let alone the whole thing, there is never a bad time to binge Star Trek. Seriously, never. I have been a gigantic Star Trek fan since my childhood where I ran around my house in my Star Trek pyjamas with a headband over my eyes. I personally just finished watching The Next Generation, and now I’m well on my way into Deep Space Nine – I even watched Star Trek Beyond in between.

If you’ve never seen Star Trek it’s about a future of space travel missions, discovery and general amazement, the characters aim to boldly go where no man has gone before. Unlike Star Wars – which I hear is great but haven’t personally seen – Star Trek focuses on the political and explorative future of humanity in the United Federation of Planets and follows the voyages and/or adventures of various crews. The first Star Trek television show (The Original Series) premiered in 1966, and the latest series (Star Trek Discovery) is currently ongoing having premiered in 2017. The franchise also includes movies, the most recent being the reboot film, Star Trek Beyond, starring Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. The franchise offers hours of cheesy, nerdy, futuristic fun and I highly recommend it.