Morning Routine Tips to Own Your Day

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Owning your day is important for any adult. And these morning routine tips will help ensure you get off on the right foot and have an amazing day! Owning your day is the first step to adulting, and it starts with your morning routine. Your routine doesn’t need to be complex and it doesn’t have […]

August 22, 2019

The Beginner’s Guide to Doing Laundry

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Reading Time: 6 minutes Honestly, doing laundry isn’t that hard. But if you’ve never had to do it before, there are some tips and tricks you really need to know about. So for all of you newbie adults, we’ve put together this handy-dandy guide to doing laundry. If you’re a newbie adult, laundry might not be your forte. But […]

August 21, 2019

The Cutest Vegan Leather Bags on Amazon

Lifestyle, Fashion

Reading Time: 6 minutes Vegan leather bags are an environmentally and fashion-forward choice for your next purse choice. If you’re looking for some cute and stylish choices, then I’ve got my top picks for you. I love vegan leather bags, they have a stylish leather-like look but have a better environmental impact, which I love. From crossbody bags and […]

August 20, 2019

Why You Need to Start Journaling

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Reading Time: 4 minutes Journaling is one of my biggest anxiety combating tools. It helps me relax, work out issues and process my life. I’m a serious believer that everyone should start journaling. Here are my top reasons why: Journaling is a great past-time and I try my best to do it every single night before I head to […]

August 17, 2019

Summer Wedding Gift Ideas

Dating, Friends, Gifts

Reading Time: 6 minutes There are a few weeks left in the warm-weather wedding season and I realized we hadn’t covered summer wedding gift ideas. I can’t believe it took me so long to think of this but truthfully, I haven’t attended any weddings this year!  As a single girl, it can be a challenge to figure out what […]

August 4, 2019

Best Matt and Nat Bags

Lifestyle, Fashion

Reading Time: 7 minutes I am a HUGE fan of Matt and Nat bags, I bought my first one in high school (longer ago than I’d like to admit) and fell in love. Matt and Nat bags look cute. They’re made of vegan leather, which tends to be one of my favourite bag fabrics because I find it sleek […]

August 3, 2019

Find a Plus Size Jumpsuit for Any Occasion

Lifestyle, Fashion

Reading Time: 5 minutes Being curvy doesn’t mean sacrificing on cute fashion choices. Seriously, if I’ve learned one thing over the years it’s that your body deserves to be draped in adorable fashion choices. And that is why I embrace the plus size jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are comfortable and cute. They can be form-fitting or free-flowing, created for a professional […]

July 23, 2019

Save Space with Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

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Reading Time: 7 minutes Small bathroom that isn’t big enough to hold all of your things? No problem. Seriously, there are a ton of small bathroom storage ideas that will work in your apartment, and they’re not that expensive. Small Bathroom Storage Ideas I have a tiny bathroom. And by that, I mean that when I moved in the […]

July 16, 2019