How To Budget as a Freelancer

Fempreneur, Money, Work

Reading Time: 6 minutes Welcome to freelancing where 500 of your well-thought-out words are worth somewhere around $15 to $75 a piece. You might think I’m being facetious here but honestly, I’ve gotten a lot of we’d love to have you write for us, we pay $50 for 2,000 words. And my answer has been hell nah. Because I […]

February 5, 2019

Get Insurance Before Your House Burns Down

Money, Home

Reading Time: 4 minutes It was a beautiful warm evening in the middle of September, which considering I live in Calgary where it can snow in the middle of August if the weather really wants, was a treat. I was headed back from late night happy hour with one of my best friends when I learned the real reason […]

February 1, 2019