Calgary International Film Festival: What to See and Do

Calgary, Travel

Reading Time: 6 minutes The Calgary International Film Festival takes place this year between September 18 and 29th. If you’re planning to attend (or even thinking about attending) this year’s festival, here’s my top picks for what to do and see. The Toronto International Film Festival has come and gone, and it’s time for all of the glitz and […]

September 16, 2019

How to Save Money for Travel

Money, Travel

Reading Time: 4 minutes Raise your hands, who here has their sights set on a dream trip and needs some tips and tricks for how to save money for travel? Maybe you want to hit up Italy for a pasta tour (2020 Pasta Tour, baby), soak up the sun on the deck of one of those private huts in […]

August 8, 2019

Single Girl’s Guide to Camping


Reading Time: 8 minutes Who says single ladies can’t go camping? Hopefully no one, but if you’re wondering if camping really is for you the answer is you should definitely give it a shot. If you’re a first-time camper I’ve created this single girl’s guide to camping just for you! Where do I sleep while camping? There are three […]

August 7, 2019

Bring These On Your Next Tropical Vacation


Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s that time of year again, everyone is taking a tropical vacation to temporarily escape winter. I’ve only recently, as in the last year, recognized the need to take such vacations. Not that I haven’t wanted to before, I’m just cheap as fuck. I finally pulled the trigger last year on my first all-inclusive vacation […]

July 8, 2019

The Ultimate Calgary Stampede Guide

Travel, Calgary

Reading Time: 6 minutes Calgary is a beautiful city, I know this for a fact because I’ve lived here for the last 18 (or so) years. And while it’s mostly a sleepy town known to visitors for our proximity to the mountains for 10 days every year Calgary is some travellers dream vacation spot due to the world-famous Calgary […]

July 2, 2019

Solo Traveller’s Guide to Victoria, BC, Canada


Reading Time: 11 minutes This year I graduated from my Master’s degree, and though I completed most of my degree online, I technically attended was Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. So when my graduation came around this June, I jumped at the chance to take a little vacation to Victoria, BC. This wasn’t my first time […]

June 25, 2019