Causebox Spoilers: Summer 2019 Spoiler Announcements

Treat Yourself / Thursday, June 6th, 2019
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I’m getting way too into subscription boxes—I’m excited, my bank account is not, and my first Causebox was the Spring 2019 box (I got it later than the regular time, so review coming soon). So I was excited to get the email yesterday about the Causebox Spoilers: Summer 2019 announcement.

It looks freaking amazing!

Causebox Spoilers: Summer 2019 first spoiler announcement screenshoot from email
Screenshot from Causebox Spoiler Email, May 20, 2019

Causebox Spoilers: Summer 2019

This week, the first Causebox Spoilers: Summer 2019 item was revealed. They’ve announced the Wet Swim Pouch by Quagga Green.

There will be two styles Seashells—a deep blue background with white outlined seashells, and Good Day—bright orange, pink and red hues with “Today is a good day” written on the front. If you are an annual member you can choose which you get, if not prepare to be surprised in by your Causebox Spoilers: Summer 2019!

The first Summer 2019 Causebox Spoiler is perfect for warm weather and you’ll want to throw it in your tote to take for the beach. They’re made to house your wet bathing suit or sweaty workout clothes, containing them so they don’t get all over your bag!

This Causebox Spoilers item is also water resistant, big enough to fit your stuff and the adorable artwork was done by Melanie Johnsson.

Causebox Spoilers: Summer 2019 first spoiler announcement screenshoot from email
Screenshot from Causebox Spoiler Email, May 20, 2019

About Quagga Green

Quagga Green manufactures all of their products from recycled or renewable resource. And as travel enthusiasts, they share that they’re deeply inspired by global culture.

They have some other really great products, including the Wakanda Wrap, Packable Recycled Lounge Pants and Point of Sail Tasseled Ruana. And while they have some cute products, the largest clothing size I saw was large—so it’s not a great brand for us plus size ladies.

Causebox Spoilers #2 Tribe Alive’s Caftan Coverup

Then, the second spoiler was revealed to be Tribe Alive’s Caftan Coverup. A cute beach-themed cover up, this bad boy was “handcrafted by artisans in Japar, India.”  

As a plus-sized woman, I’m always a little concerned about one-size items because I’m concerned it’ll look like a fat girl trying to pull off something cute (you know what I mean). So it was refreshing to see plus-size included in the model photo, though I might have felt a tad bit better about it pending she was wearing it as a cover-up.

That said, it’s a pretty cute summer Caftan Coverup.

About Tribe Alive

Tribe Alive works with women around the world to produce beautiful and unique handcrafted and sustainable products. It’s basically an international collaboration of woman artists creating beautiful clothing.

Their clothing is very simple and basic, which I love. BUT XL is their largest size and I’ve only found a handful of products that have that size available. So unless I’m missing something searching through their website they’re not very plus-friendly. They’ve got some cute, simple bags though and I like the Standard Pocket Tote in black.

Causebox Spoilers #3 Altru Goods Straw Tote

The Straw Tote by Altru Goods is a hand woven beach tote with reinforced handles. It has a cute-but-casual white and straw pattern and a removable cotton pom pom.

I love a good tote so I’m pretty excited about this Causebox spoiler. It’ll be great to cart around on a beach trip, or to pack up some goodies and head out to the local park (I’ll use it along with my FabFitFun lotus towel).

About Altru Goods

Altru Goods is Causebox’s first in-house brand. They intend to give proceeds from Altru Goods products to charities that they love, and the straw totes will be supporting charities protecting the ecosystem!

Causebox Spoilers #4 Hanalei Company Facial Care Products

The Papaya Enzyme Powder Facial Cleanser and Island Aloe Gel, both made by Hannalei are tropical inspired products that are cruelty, paraben, phthalate and sulfate FREE. If you are a select member, you’ll be able to choose from these two Causebox summer spoilers, if not you’ll be surprised like me!

The facial cleanser is a water-activated, powder cleanser. It’s made too brighten your skin, made with marine collagen. The aloe gel, on the other hand, is an after sun must-have. If I was a select member I’d definitely go with the aloe gel—you can honestly never have enough.

About Altru Hanalei Company

Based in Hawaii, Hanalei Company makes skincare products from Hawaii’s finest botanicals. So regardless of which one ends up in my box, I’m excited nonetheless.

Causebox Spoilers #5 All Good Brand Sport Sunscreen

Summer and sunscreen go hand-and-hand, if they don’t for you yet they absolutely should. This sunscreen is sport friendly for you and reef friendly for our fishy friends! It’s a tiny little change for you, but a big change for our environment.

About All Good Brand

All Good Brand makes products with the goal to inspire people and live at one with nature. That’s why their products are organic and cruelty-free.

Causebox Spoilers #6 Soft-Knit Jersey Scrunchie

Scrunchies are totally back in style and I LOVE IT. As evidenced by this next Causebox summer spoiler. Everyone’s getting a pack of these adorable and slightly-dated accessories. Summer 1980, here we come!

About Banded

Banded makes some awesome products, and each one provides meals to children in need. So buy something super cute with them and feed someone else. It’s totally worth it.

Should you get the Summer 2019 Causebox?

Money matters and subscription boxes can be quite pricey, so my first instinct is to say while there’s no reason why you can’t get the Summer 2019 Causebox, make sure you can afford it!

Beyond that, Causebox is smaller than FabFitFun, though they do have similar products inside. It’s great for those looking for fun, lifestyle products—bags, beauty, jewelry—and those that want to make sure the products are sustainably made.

When it comes to an annual subscription, there aren’t a lot of options beyond colour so if I’m being completely honest I’m not sure I’d sign up for annual membership. And unlike FabFitFun there’s also no intake quiz, so the box isn’t going to be tailored towards your preferences.

All-in-all, I loved the Spring 2019 Causebox (review coming shortly) and would highly recommend it if you’re looking for cause-based sustainable beauty and lifestyle products.

Get the Summer 2019 Causebox (this is not an affiliate link… but I’m trying to change that 😉 )