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College, Work / Monday, August 12th, 2019
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Make this year the best one yet by adequately planning out your schedule. And planning will be much easier if you have a cute student planner. This article is all about showing your the cutest ones! 

Part of being successful in college is planning out your schedule, projects and other commitments adequately. So get started on the right foot by getting yourself a cute student planner.

The best student planners are the ones that have all of the features you need, while at the same time match your personality perfectly. You want to find the perfect planner for you, one you love to write in!

The best cute student planners

Charming student planner

Kate Spade makes some of my absolute favourite college planners. I love the bright, colourful designs, large sizes (though you can get smaller ones) and ample white space that gives it a clean look.

Not only does this feature monthly, weekly and daily planning, but it has cute, inspiring quotes and sticker sheets! It’s a truly girly choice, but I’m not afraid to admit I absolutely love it.

If you want a chic design, 17-months of planning capability and a large planner size, then this might just be the cute student planner for you!

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Small traditional university planner

I am a lover of Moleskin products, and their weekly planner is no exception. It’s a smaller, thin choice with a very traditional writer’s notebook look.

This is one of the best student planners if you’re looking for something that will make you feel like a real writer. It has a main month page. And for weekly planning, you get the daily planning feature on one page and a lined note page on the other.

But this traditional planner has a slightly less-than-traditional inclusion of stickers. And who doesn’t love stickers?

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Cute planner for ambitious soon-to-be grads

Bloom Daily planners are a ton of fun. Not only do they have monthly and weekly planning spreads, but they feature a ton of fun supplemental planning pages for those more ambitious students.

These cute student planners feature vision and goal planning, scheduling templates and plenty of space to write. It is a fun and flirty choice that’s great for students who are aiming to get ahead.

While this planner fits your big ideas, it’s a mere 6 by 8.25-inch size making it great to pack away in your book bag!

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Cute cheap college planner

If you’re looking for a cheap college planner, the Girl on the Go Pretty Simple planner is an amazing choice. 

This cute college planner contains a month overview, weekly spreads where you can write your schedule and to-do list, notes section and inspirational quotes. 

The Girl on the Go is a larger choice 8 by 10 inches. It also features a matte cover and high-quality paper!

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Floral fun college day planner

For a truly feminine planner, the Day Designer for Blue Sky is your go-to. It’s a large planner at 8.5 by 11-inches, and has month tabs that make your current date easy-to-access.

It’s a high-quality planner with cute floral features. What I really like about the daily planning in this one is the checkbox to-do list. 

It’s made with a quality binding, making the pages easy to turn. And it features helpful information on creating and sticking to goals. It definiately qualifies as a cute student planner for those looking for a larger one.

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Academic planner for goal-driven students

Calling all goal planners, this is the perfect student planner for ladies that want a little more focus on their goal planning. The Passion Planner not only helps you plan your academic schedule but it also includes helpful goal planning spaces.

If you like to develop weekly and monthly goals, this is the college day planner for you. It also includes personal and work to-do lists, dream and big-picture goal lists and a place to build a passion roadmap.

This is the ideal planning choice for college students that are looking to develop good goal and personal development habits.

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Fun and simple student planner

The elephant academic planner combines a few of my favourite planning features including stickers, productivity goals and a genuinely fun outlook.

This adorable number has note-taking spaces, your daily, weekly and monthly planning features, and a ton of great things for productivity. If you want mind maps, focus pages and vision boards, it has you covered.

This is definitely one of my favourite cute student planners. If this baby pink isn’t your colour, you can also get it in a royal blue and black.

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The no-frills traditional planner

If you fancy yourself more of a traditionalist, then this faux leather beauty could be the perfect cute university planner for you.

Like I said, it’s really a no-frills planner. It has monthly, weekly and daily planning capabilities, plus a yearly overview. Plus it’s a reasonable size at 5.75 by 8.25 inches, which makes it incredibly packable.

It has calendar stickers to make it easier for you to find your place, an inner pocket pouch and a pen holder. A great choice for those looking for a minimalistic student planner. And if the orangy-brown isn’t your personal flavour, you can get it in blue, grey and purple.

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How to use an academic planner

If you want to use an academic planner optimally, there are a few great tips and tricks you should definiately consider. Here are my top 3:

  • Set aside time for your daily and weekly planning
  • Use one planner for everything
  • Be specific about what you want to accomplish

Finally, just because you have a fancy planner doesn’t mean you need to fill it to the brim. It’s okay to have white space, make sure you’re using reasonable goals!

What is your favourite cute university planner? Share it below in the comments!

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