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It’s time for my Fall 2019 Causebox review. This season’s Causebox had some of the most amazing products in it, of the highest quality made by seriously sustainable companies.

From travel accessories and packing to skin treatments, here are the amazing things I got in the Fall 2019 Causebox:

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Weekender Duffel by Known Supply

My top pick from the Fall 2019 Causebox is the Weekend Duffel by Known Supply. I’ve already used this duffel to visit my mom’s house and carted it along with me to set (it held two additional outfits).

This bag is cute and practical. I got it in the green, which I was lucky enough to choose because I’m now an annual subscriber. If you’re wondering if Causebox is for you or simply want to check out last season’s things, take a look:

Terrazzo Travel Wallet by Glass Ladder & Co.

I became an annual subscriber specifically so I could get the Terrazzo Travel Wallet—which is fitting because it’s made by Glass & Ladder Co. who also made the Megan Portfolio which was the entire reason why I signed up for Causebox (seriously, read about it here).

This travel wallet is sleek, functional and, most importantly, adorable. Not only can you use it to cart around your passport while you travel but the main pocket is built to hold most smartphones—I have an iPhone X which fits nicely so long as you drop the bulky case).

I’m in the process of kicking up my travel game and this sleek wallet was EXACTLY what I needed to add to my collection. I’m super glad I got it, and I’m excited that I get to pick a few things this year too!

Heather Drop Lariat by Nashelle

I am not a big jewelry person, but the Heather Drop Lariat that came in the Fall 2019 Causebox is the perfect exception. I choose to get it in the gold because in the spring Causebox I got Luxe Charm Bracelet in a gold and I have nothing else in gold.

This necklace is beautiful, but I will note that as a plus-size women with a somewhat-large neck the dainty design doesn’t look as great on me as it does on some of the cute models in the photos. None the less, it’s a beautiful design.

10-Piece Makeup Brush Collection by La Beauté Soi

OMG these makeup brushes are TO DIE FOR. They are beautiful looking, soft and gorgeously constructed. I love that these are vegan and cruelty-free, plus as someone with sensitive skin I also love that they’re made out of hypoallergenic materials. These brushes are so gorgeous, I’m a bit scared to use them for fear of ruining them!

Not only do I love the brushes but the brand behind them, La beauté Soi, is dedicated to ending animal cruelty, preserving the environment and protecting child refugees. It’s a brand I can really get behind. If you’re looking for a beautiful new set of brushes, then I would recommend checking these out.

p.s. You can also get them in pink!

The White Cactus Candle came in the Fall 2019 Causebox, it smelled AMAZING!

White Cactus Coconut Wax Candle by La Leur 

There were a lot of amazing things in the Fall 2019 Causebox, but the La Leur White Cactus Coconut Wax Candle smells the absolute best. No joke, it smells AMAZING.I’m not a huge fan of candles since the fire incident at my last apartment building, but I’ve lit this bad boy a few times in a VERY supervised manner.

La Lueur means “the light” in French and these candles not only bring the light but also a subtle, lovely smell. They are hand-poured and make the perfect decor accent for any room!

Recovery Treatment Oil by (Malin + Goetz)

Out of all the things in my Fall 2019 Causebox, the Recovery Treatment Oil is my least favourite. To clarify, there’s nothing wrong with it but something had to be my least favourite. This botanical oil blend is meant to protect your skin from damage by adding a bit of moisture.

It has a ton of great things inside it, including evening primrose, avocado oil, grapeseed and rosehip. It smells nice and seems to have a nice, light consistency. But, to be honest, I haven’t used it enough to give a full, hearty review.

Should you get a Causebox subscription?

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Causebox is by-far my absolute favourite subscription box. I love that it combines sustainable products, gives a strong background on the amazing things that the associated companies do, and the quality is top-notch.

If you have the money and you’re itching to get the Causebox, I would highly recommend it.

Did you get a Fall 2019 Causebox? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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