How To Clean 1.5 bathrooms in 1 Hour or Less

Lifestyle, Home / Thursday, January 10th, 2019
Reading Time: 3 minutes

I know, bathrooms are gross. But you’re an adult now, and part of adulting is cleaning your house including the gross bathrooms. Nobody likes going to visit a friend or family member only to walk into a dirty bathroom. So today, I’m going to give you some tips on how to get that dirty job done quick and easy. Let’s clean your bathroom!

You’ll need:

  • Windex
  • Your fave cleaners for Toilet/floors/tub
  • Rag(s)
  • 1 Dry Rag or Paper Towel
  • Toilet Brush
  • Handheld scrub brush for tub

My recommendations for multi-purpose cleaners are Lysol or Fantastic, Comet for the tub/sink (maybe a little Vim as well) and for tile floors, Tilex Mould & Mildew. On other flooring surfaces, you can use Mr. Clean or even your multi-purpose cleaner will do the trick. #SaveMoney.

Start with the toilet

I don’t mean clean the toilet first. I simply mean that before you start anything else, put your comet (or Lysol toilet bowl cleaner) in the bowl and let it sit while you do everything else to break up all that nasty shit in there… pun intended.

Sink & countertop

First, remove anything that is on your countertop. As you do, give them all a quick wipe to get any dust off them. Now clean the sink, faucet and countertop. You will probably notice that there are little wet specs of dust left behind. This is ok, that is why you brought your paper towel or dry rag with you. It takes too long to try and pick up those small wet specs of dust so take your dry rag and quickly wipe over that area with it, dust gone! (p.s. I use a dry microfiber cloth to do this)


Do you always end up with a streaky mirror that your mother never fails to comment on it? Welcome to the club! This is the best way to help minimize that: Clean your mirror with your Windex and cleaning rag, then as soon as you finish, go over it with your paper towel. That should take away the majority, if not all of the streaks left by your rag.

Note: I say to clean the mirror after the countertop because sometimes when you spray your product (if your mirror is low like mine) you can accidentally spray the bottom of an already clean mirror. This will ensure you don’t have to backtrack.

Head back to the toilet

Super fun right? Start from the outside of the tank and work your way down to the outside to the seat, then the bottom outer bowl (don’t forget on the bottom outer bowl, the front can get really gross). Spray everything with your favourite all-purpose cleaner, wipe with your rag. Note: make sure to get the inside of the toilet lid and under the seat.

After wiping down every square inch of that baby, including the bottom side parts that are bolted to the floor, take your dry rag and give it a second quick wipe down to eliminate all those wet dust specs. Once you’re done this, take your toilet brush and clean inside of the bowl.


Before cleaning the tub/shower, I always take the toilet brush I just used and run it under the water to rinse it off. Again, put your cleaning product on the surfaces you are cleaning — if you’re using Comet, add some water.

Take your scrub brush and give the surface a good scrubbing. Now take your rag and give the surfaces another wipe while having the water running to help rinse. Then rinse everything.

Finish with the floor

For the floors, start at the far wall and work your way to the door. I either use just a Lysol wipe or my rag from the tub (since it still has some cleaning product on it) on my linoleum. For the tiled bathroom, I use Tilex and a rag. Once you’re at the doorway, make sure to pick up all the dust/hair you collected from the floor with either your rag or a paper towel.  

Regular bathroom cleaning

A full bathroom should take you about a half hour for a good clean. A half bath obviously has less square footage and no tub, so it should take you half the time! If you do this at least once every couple weeks, cleaning the bathroom won’t be such a hard task. It’ll be quick and easy.

Happy cleaning!  

Know of a quick cleaning hack when it comes to bathrooms? Drop us a line and tell us about it! We would love to hear it.