Morning Routine Tips to Own Your Day

Lifestyle, Goals, Health + Beauty / Thursday, August 22nd, 2019
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Owning your day is important for any adult. And these morning routine tips will help ensure you get off on the right foot and have an amazing day!

Owning your day is the first step to adulting, and it starts with your morning routine. Your routine doesn’t need to be complex and it doesn’t have to be exactly like anyone else’s. It needs to fit your lifestyle and your goals, and these morning routine tips might help.

Switch out coffee for tea

I’ve never been a coffee drinker. If I’m being completely honest, I’m not sure that I’ve ever even had a cup of coffee. But I do know that tea is better for you than coffee, especially if you aim for something without caffeine in it.

One of my favourite morning routine tips is to enjoy a cup of tea while reading a book or journaling. It’s a great way to start off your day on the right foot. A simple cup of tea, in my case anyway, can make all of the difference.

Eat breakfast

Along with having a cup of tea, another one of the best morning routine tips is to actually eat breakfast. For some reason, there are rumours floating around out there that you don’t need to eat breakfast—and while I’m no medical doctor, I can tell you that seems like poor advice.

It’s hard to concentrate if you have an empty stomach, and the best way and perhaps the only way is to ensure that you’ve eaten your breakfast. This does not have to be a four-course meal, a simple muffin will do. But you definitely need something. 

Put your phone away

If you want to improve your day, leave your phone to its own devices to start off your day. There is nothing on your phone that can’t wait a bit while you relax and start your day off on your own terms. 

If you’re looking for the best morning routine tips, leaving your phone out of the picture for the first little bit should top the list. Give yourself some technology separation, you deserve it. And, quite frankly, you probably also need it.

Be mindful and meditate

If you’re looking to give yourself a leg up in the morning, then a great thing to add to your list is meditation. Adding meditation to your morning routine doesn’t have to be taxing. It can be as simple as relaxing and being with yourself. 

You deserve to give yourself the space you need to mentally prepare for your day. If you’re looking for morning routine tips that are all about you, this is one. 

Take some time to journal

Meditating isn’t for everyone or perhaps you’re looking for more morning routine tips that are just for you, whatever the case, another great thing to add to your list is to take some time and journal.

While I typically journal before bed, if I’m feeling particularly distracted in the morning and I simply need to centre myself, then I take a bit of time to write down my thoughts. This doesn’t have to be a big journaling session, just a few minutes to write a few things down.

Do a little exercise

Adding exercise to your morning is a great way to start off on the right foot. If you’re a particularly active person, you can add a full-on gym session. But if you’re like me and the gym isn’t your forte, try starting with a leisurely walk.

Contrary to what you might think, doing exercise in the morning can give you a little more energy. Plus, for me, a nice walk with my favourite music can help start those creative juices flowing. 

Create your to-do list

One of my top morning routine tips is to create your to-do list. Make sure that this list is reasonable and that you can get it done that day. Being overzealous with your to-do list can be a quick and easy way to throw your day off balance.

You know what you’re capable of, so make sure that your list is reasonable and can get done in the time you’re setting out for it. You may be wonder woman (we both know you are), but even she has her limits. 

Make your bed

The final of my morning routine tips is to make your bed. Seriously, making your bed is important.

It’s one of my favourite and least favourite tips—but I do it every morning before I get started on anything else. Making your bed is important for my daily routine because it helps ensure my day gets started right.

A made bed makes me feel like I’m put together, whether that’s true or not. Adulting for the win. 

What are your best morning routine tips? Share them in the comments below!

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