Apartment Life Requires Noise Cancelling Headphones

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If you live in an apartment like me, no matter how thick the walls are, noise cancelling headphones can be a serious lifesaver. Especially if you spend your days working from your kitchen island!

But noise cancelling headphones can be quite the investment, so it’s hard to know if it’s really a great choice to invest. However, I can tell you from experience, a good pair of headphone make for a great purchase that you can use daily (I do)!

With that in mind, I thought I’d write up a Beats noise cancelling headphone review to help anyone that’s a bit on the fence decide whether to grab a pair or not (spoiler alert: do).

Beats noise cancelling headphones in crystal blue
Beats Noise Cancelling Headphones (in crystal blue)

Beats noise cancelling headphones review

I took me a lot of humming and hawing before I got a pair of wireless noise cancelling headphones. Why? They’re REALLY EXPENSIVE. Seriously, all of the good ones have a $300+ price tag on them.

But when I caved and finally got myself a pair of noise cancelling headphones, I went with Beats. They are not cheap at all, but they’re totally worth it.

I got my pair about a month and a half ago, and they have been a serious gods-send. For someone who works all day in an apartment and into the night, and shares that same 600-square-foot apartment with a roommate, I couldn’t have made a better decision.

The positives

  • They reduce noise—while I wouldn’t say they cut all of the noise, there’s very little you can hear through them. While I can definitely still hear the fire alarm, I can’t hear the television in the next room or the rowdies next door in the hallway.
  • They have a great battery life—I can use them for several days in a row before I need to charge them. And they’ve never actually died on me, I simply glance at the battery and see how low it is and decide to charge them.
  • They are PERFECT for air travel. Seriously, I flew to Victoria a few weeks ago, and they were a great flight companion.
  • The sound is crisp. They have such great quality.
  • They pack up conveniently. Their carrying case perfectly fits the headphones, their charging cord and a pair of Apple earbuds, which I always carry on me.
  • They work with all of my devices—except my Macbook, but I think that’s user error. I’m not always that tech-savvy ?.

To be honest, I technically think the headphones I got are “noise isolating” which is both the same and slightly different than noise cancelling, in that not only do they take care of low, consistent noise (like an airplane engine), they also help reduce the mid and higher range like loud voices and baby cries. Not bad!

I cannot say enough great things about my Beats noise cancelling headphones. While I’ve only had them for a few weeks, I have no idea how I survived without them.

The negatives

That said, nothing is perfect. There are a few notes I would give if the creators asked me for notes:

  • They’re a little heavy. I find that after a long period of time they do start to make my neck hurt. You could probably solve this issue by going with a pair of earbuds, but I don’t know their noise cancelling qualities. I simply use it as an indicator that I need to take a break.
  • They make my ears sweat a bit.
  • They sit pretty tight against my ears—though this does lessen the more you wear them, and you can adjust them to make it a bit more comfortable.

Regardless of the negatives, I would highly recommend them. If you are considering a pair of noise cancelling headphones.

Why get noise cancelling headphones?

When it comes to getting noise cancelling headphones, there are a few things to take into consideration.

Noise cancelling headphones are great if you work in a high-traffic, high-noise area like an office space, and you find that you’re having issues concentrating.

For me, they’re particularly helpful during the day when, despite it being quiet in my apartment, the dogs down the hallway start barking incessantly. They also have the added bonus of drowning out my roommate’s television in the evening while I’m working and he’s relaxing.

I also recommend them if you do a lot of airplane travel, there was nothing in comparison to being able to travel with them. I thoroughly enjoyed watching an episode of Hannibal on my way to Victoria with no unnecessary interruptions.

Finally, if you edit audio or video like yours truly, then I would highly recommend grabbing yourself a pair. They feed crisp audio right into your ears!

All-in-all, if you’re on the fence about getting a pair of noise cancelling headphones, I give you two GIGANTIC thumbs up and say go for it girl. you won’t regret it!

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