How to Pick the Best Purse for Work

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It’s fall which means everyone’s back to the regular daily grind. If you need to spice up your office wardrobe, you might be looking for a great new purse for work. Here’s what to look for when finding the perfect one!

Prior to my luxurious days working for myself in my pyjamas all day where the only “purse” that I need for work is my canvas bag that I cart back-and-forth to the library on a bi-weekly basis, I actually did work in an office. Several offices, in fact, in the high-energy, high-output, low-personal life working world of corporate Canada—which is just like corporate America but with better benefits.

During that time, one of my prime office accessories was my work purse or “professional bag” as I more commonly referred to it. This was a clean-kept bag that exuded style and professionalism that I ONLY carted around in professional settings. That way, no matter how I felt about myself that day, I always felt like I had a powerhouse bag to go with my boss girl attitude.

A purse says a lot of things about you. And when it comes to a professional setting, a purse can really help differentiate your professional style from that of your peers. But how do you pick the best purse for work? Here’s what you should be looking for: 

Focus on style

Style is one of the main factors that can turn just any old bag into a real purse for work. While this depends highly on the type of job you do and what environment you work in, if you’re aiming for a bag that screams professional style I tend to like a simple-but-chic style bag like the Michael Kors Jet Set Tote

You want something that is nice but not too flashy (unless that fits your personal style, then go for it). It needs to be both an everyday bag and something that will work for a work event like a boardroom meeting or an evening networking event. 

I, personally, opt for neutral colours for my professional purse so that it can go with everything. I tend to stick with black, brown or grey, but if you want to add a pop of colour a light pink or blue also gives a professional feel while having a bit of fun!

Pick the best size

Your purse for work has to fit everything you need to bring to the office. The actual size you need will highly depend on you and what you carry along on a day-to-day basis. 

I tend to carry a lot of things in my bag—wallet, touch-up make-up, a small notebook, pens, business cards, my iPad, and in some cases, even my laptop. But I find that even that changes day-to-day for me. If I was simply headed to the office, I needed different things than I did while working on an off-site event.

If you’re someone who changes your purse needs daily, instead of one single purse you might want to consider a purse set like Lovevook has. That way you can switch it up based on what you’re doing that day.

Functionality is important

Functionality is really important when it comes to choosing the best purse for work. You need something that not only fits your style and can hold everything you need, but also functions how you need and want it too.

This means that if you have to cart around a laptop daily, then something like a crossbody briefcase like the Sosatchel probably works better than your average tote. Likewise, if you have to carry around your bag with you as you move through an event, you might want to ditch the handbag.

Functionality simple means that your purse works for you and isn’t work to carry around!

Aim for versatility

Carrying around a purse for work that’s versatile like a convertible purse can also come in really handy. Especially when you’re in a position where you have to rush from place-to-place. 

A convertible bag like the Cluci can be worn as a backpack when you’re rushing down the street, thrown over your shoulder during a lunch meeting and carted around by the top handle when moving from room to room.

Convertible bags are great for people who need options and want added functionality with your purse. Plus, you can get these convertible purses in some really cute and chic styles.

Go with something you love

While style, size, functionality and versatility are all important when it comes to picking the perfect purse for work, the absolute most important thing to do is to choose something that you love. 

Don’t carry around any old bag around simply because that’s what everyone else is carrying or it’s what you think you should bring to work. Choose something because it fits your personal style and you actually WANT to bring it to work.

Honestly, if you want something funky and colourful, go for it. If you want something simple and sophisticated, then stick with that. And, if you want something in the middle that carries a little fun and a little sophistication like the Reiti by Matt & Nat, then do it up!

An accessory like a purse is an extension of your personal style, and it’s important that you treat it like that. You want a purse that will help you feel confident in your work environment, not something that makes you feel awkward and out of place.

What is your favourite purse for work? Share it in the comments below!

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