Review: Spring 2019 Causebox

Treat Yourself / Thursday, June 13th, 2019
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June is WAY TOO LATE to be reviewing the Spring 2019 Causebox, but May was so busy that I completely forgot! Nevertheless, I got my first Causebox last month and I absolutely love it.

Here’s what I got:

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Spring 2019 Causebox Item Review

Megan Portfolio by Glass & Ladder Co.

I’m not ashamed to admit that this is the entire reason why I signed up for the Causebox in the first place. There was a spring 30 percent off sale, and I REALLY wanted the Megan Portfolio, but it was $120 USD and the box itself was less than $50 USD, so I got the box. Even if I had hated everything else in it (which I didn’t), it still would have been worth it for this bad boy.

I did not sign up for a select box, so I didn’t get to choose my colour. I ended up with the cloud grey, which I quite like. My head wanted pink (because all of my acessories are pink), my wardrobe wanted black (because I’m boring) but the grey goes amazingly with the rest of my things. I’m very pleased.

The Megan Portfolio is expertly crafted and fits my 10-inch iPad Pro along with the wireless keyboard perfectly. While there are pen holders, my Apple Pencil is a little small to fit in it comfortably so I have to use one of the pockets instead. And, if you’re headed to a meeting there are card slots for your ID, credit or debit cards or even simply your coffee card—whatever you need to bring along!

Elixir Toning Mist by Kalos

This is the product from the Spring 2019 Causebox that I had no idea I needed. It has quickly integrated itself into my daily routine—typically first thing in the morning and right before I go to bed.

The Elixir Toning Mist is 100% naturally derived and 79% organic. You spray it all over your face and neck and let it soak into your skin. It’s a great addition to your skin routine, and if you’re not currently using a rose water spray the summer is the perfect time to start.

This product is valued at $22 USD, and while I could purchase it without the box for cheaper (obviously) it greatly increases the value of Causebox for me personally because I now use it daily.

Silky Scarf by Cleobella

I was pretty excited about the Cleobella Silky Scarf in the Spring 2019 Causebox. When I was looking at getting the Causebox, this is the second item I was eyeing up.

I originally thought I wanted the gold and white scarf, but ended up with the blue, gold and white scarf. However, it turns out that the blue goes perfectly with the wardrobe that I already have in a way that I think the full gold wouldn’t.

I love a cute scarf and this one is exactly what I needed (or didn’t need but wanted). It’s valued at $52 USD making it a great value-added addition to the box.

Luxe Charm Bracelet by Marina de Buchi

I am not typically a bracelet person because my wrists are not cute and dainty, but I really liked the Luxe Charm Bracelet. It’s a cute fine gold-coloured chain with a tiny lock on it. It’s adorable!

Now the gold in this bad-boy is actually plated. If you’re like me and allergic to metals you have to be careful with plated jewelry because it can rub off and touch your skin (which in my case causes a rash or a case of tiny hive pricks, neither of which is a particularly desired outcome). So for me, this bracelet is an occasional wear, but I do intend t wear it next week to my graduation ceremony.

The value of this piece is $37 USD, making its addition to the box valuable. I would have never bought this piece for myself, but if I’m being honest I’m glad it’s now in my collection.

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Bamboo Lyocell Sleep Mask by Attitude

My third motivator for getting the Spring 2019 Causebox was the Bamboo Lyocell Sleep Mask by Attitude. I am a serious sleep mask fan and I’ve been looking for a great one to replace the one that I bought on a whim at Ardene once.

This bamboo sleep mask is cushy and comfortable, though it does that a bit to stretch out the tightness in the mask. It’s worth $15 USD, and I would confidently pay that in store.

Glow Bamboo Brightening Mask

The Glow Bamboo Brightening Mask is another one of those things that I didn’t know I needed, but now I’m not sure I can live without.

I’m a mask lover, but I find a lot of them to be really itchy which can make them, at times, uncomfortable to use. That is not the case with the Glow mask. You put it on and wait but the gentle formula sinks into your sink instead of clinging to it and pulling it together. Then you wash it off, it’s as simple as that. Underneath your skin really is glowing and smooth.

It’s valued at $54 USD, and while it seems pricey (because I’m usually pretty cheap), it’s a great, high-quality product.

French Pink Clay Konjac Sponge by Wyld

The French Pink Clay Konjac Sponge is a great tub scrub if you’re looking for something to help buff up your skin. It has a retail value of $16.90.

Now, it’s not my favourite, I’m more of a Spongelle gal myself but if you have your own body wash it’s a great sponge to use. It helps remove flakes from your skin and buff it out with a little shine.

It is made from 100% natural Konjac plant and infused with French pink clay. If you’re looking for an exfoliating sponge (and aren’t a fan of the Spongelle) I would highly recommend it.

Macrame Plant Hanger by Altru

The Macrame Plant Hanger is my least favourite item, not because it’s a bad item but because I live in a rental and don’t have the opportunity to hang anything anywhere. It’s pretty useless for me. I have yet to even open it.

That said, I do think I’ll regift it to my mom who’s into hanging plants. I think she’ll really enjoy it. This runs a retail value of $15 USD, though I honestly couldn’t find anywhere that you could purchase it online.

Art Print by Alja Horvat

I am not an art person, but I did really like the Alja Horvat art print. It’s slightly abstract but very familiar and it adds a pop of colour to any desk.

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