Review: Summer Causebox Summer 2019

Treat Yourself / Thursday, July 4th, 2019
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My Summer Causebox has arrived (a couple of weeks ago). I’ve had a chance to give most of the things inside a try, and figured it’s time to give you all a review of what I got.

I’m absolutely loving the Causebox, this season I got of ton of really great summer themed things—I actually found it to be more summer themed than my FabFitFun box (though I loved that too).

Here’s what I got:

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Summer Causebox Items Review

Powder Face Cleanser by Hanalei

I was completely unaware that face cleanser could be purchased in powder form, but alas it can! And it turns out it’s really cool. The Hanalei Powder Face Cleanser is a truly unique product that came in the Summer Causebox.

I’ve used it a handful of times since opening the box, and so far I like it. It doesn’t lather quite as much as you think it would but it goes on and off nice and easy, and most importantly, it makes your face feel clean and refreshed. My only complaint with this product would be the fact that it doesn’t smell very pretty—essentially it smells like a bland powder.

This would also be a great cleanser option for travel because it’s not liquid. If you’re planning on travelling carry-on only the Hanalei powder face cleanser is a great choice!

Insulated Wine Tumbler by Reduce

I was pretty stoked about the Reduce tumbler that came in the Summer Causebox. While the summer FabFitFun box came with silicone wine glasses, I’m headed camping in a few weeks and this insulated tumbler is going to be a MUCH BETTER choice!

My tumbler came in white (which would have been my pick if I had one). It keeps your drinks at the right temperature for hours inside it’s dual wall insulation, and is shatter and sweat-proof. Plus, it’s BPA free and made with stainless steel.

Bikini bag screen shot from the Summer Causebox 2019 reviwe
Bikini Bag by Quagga Green

Bikini Bag by Quagga Green

The Quagga Green bikini bag was the first spoiler that I came across, so I was naturally excited to end up with one in the Summer Causebox. I got the orange Today is a Good Day bag and it’s adorable.

I have yet to have a chance to use it yet, but the construction seems solid and it’s definitely waterproof. The only comment I have is that it might be nice to have a wristlet or handle on it. Regardless, it fits perfectly into the straw tote. They’re a great pair!

Image result for Straw Tote by Altru
Altru Straw Tote

Straw Tote by Altru

The Summer Causebox included an Altru straw tote and it’s adorable! It’s really the perfect summer beach bag with just enough space to drop in the bikini bag, insulated tumbler, reef-friendly sunscreen, a caftan, the perfect summer beach read (might I recommend An Ocean of Minutes) and a pair of sunglasses.

I’m sad there aren’t any beaches around for me to cart it to, but I’m sure I’ll find a great use for it this summer. Or even just a cute outfit to wear it with!

Sorry, I can’t find anywhere that you can buy this bad boy online ?.

Reef Friendly Sunscreen by All Good

The other day someone told me that they had no idea that regular ol’ sunscreen wasn’t reef friendly. Well, I’m here to tell you it definitely is! And if you’re planning on heading to Australia in the near future you’ll have to take that seriously as I understand they’re banning regular sunscreen for the next little while.

Even if you’re not headed to the ocean, I would still highly recommend a reef-friendly sunscreen without any of those harmful chemicals anyway. The All Good brand’s sunscreen is a great choice, one of the best sunscreens on the market as far as I understand!

Scrunchies by Branded

I’m still a little hung up on the Invisibobble Original Duo Pack that I got in my FabFitFun Summer Box, but I’m pretty excited to try out these scrunchies… I just have to figure out how to make them look good in the rat’s nest I have on my head called hair!

To clarify the pack that I got is a summer themed pack that appears to be made specifically for the Summer Causebox 2019, but you can get your own Branded 3-Pack Scrunchies through their website.

Beach Caftan by Tribe Alive

The beach caftan by Tribe Alive is probably my least favourite thing in the Summer Causebox, but it’s not because it’s not adorable (it is) but simply because I’m not a person who typically wears a caftan on the beach.

I got the orange and pink one, and it is super cute. It’s not as absorbent as I thought it’d be, but overall it’s nice. The cut is also a tad bit weird on me worn the proper way, so I’m going to have to experiment a bit.

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