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Small bathroom that isn’t big enough to hold all of your things? No problem. Seriously, there are a ton of small bathroom storage ideas that will work in your apartment, and they’re not that expensive.

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

I have a tiny bathroom. And by that, I mean that when I moved in the only storage options that I had was a small under-the-counter cabinet and a towel rack… and the back of the toilet where I had a box of kleenex.

I couldn’t fit everything that I needed in my bathroom, so I had to come up with some small bathroom storage ideas that could fit in my bathroom without looking ridiculous and give me a ton of great storage space.

Here’s what I came up with:

Hanging Shower Caddy

Showers or tub areas never seem to have enough space, and that’s where a shower caddy comes in. This is a shelf-like device that holds all of your shower essentials—shampoo, conditioner, razor, loofa—so you don’t have to pack and unpack them every time you need to use them!

There are two kinds of caddy’s you can get to help save space, a full-length shower caddy that sticks in the corner and runs the entire height and a hanging shower caddy.

I recommend a hanging shower caddy as, in my experience, the tower caddies are more likely to get knocked and spill their contents everywhere. A hanging caddy is easy to install (seriously, you just hang it over the showerhead) and has more than enough room to store all of your necessities.

Spa Tower Floor Caddy

I’ve previously had a hanging shower caddy, but I’m a fan of having bathes not showers, and standing up to grab my stuff in the middle of relaxing in the tub isn’t ideal. Thus, I didn’t want an in-tub caddy but I still needed something.

So, I decided to go with a spa tower. Mine looks similar to the Bino spa tower but I got it at a local home decor store and it’s in a rose gold colour. It’s great for holding all of my bath necessities, and since it’s multi-shelf it holds more than that (I also store my masks and other less-frequent use products).

The one warning I would give is that it’s super easy to accidentally stuff the shelves with clutter and it can become a bathroom catch-all. You’ve got to stay on top of it, or you’ll end up with six half-used bottles of conditioners, dull razors and empty mask bottles. Oops!

Towel Ladder

Chances are your bathroom comes with a towel rack, but if not a towel ladder makes a great choice if you’re looking for small bathroom storage ideas.

A towel ladder makes for a great and stylish way to display your chic bath towels. I don’t have one in my bathroom, but I do have a cute blanket ladder in my tiny living room for the ridiculous amount of throw blankets I own.

If you’re interested ina towel rack stand, you’ll want something like the mDesign ladder because of the handy non-skid feet. Especially important on those slippery tile floors!

Hanging Hair Tool Organizer

When people think about small bathroom storage ideas, they tend to forget about how to store hair tools. Depending on how many you use, your hair tools can take up a ton of valuable real estate in your bathroom. Especially if you’ve got limited storage (don’t we all?).

A great way to reduce the space that your hair tools use is to use a hanging hair tool organizer. These bad boys hang over the door of your bathroom cabinet and store your tools in a much smaller space than they’d use if you just laid them out all willy nilly.

Tiered Counter Corner Stand

If you’ve got a little extra counter space (a decent-sized corner will do) then a tiered corner stand is one of the best small bathroom storage ideas for you.

Whether you need to store soap, lotions, perfumes, or really anything, a corner stand on your bathroom counter can be a great storage item. They’re small and don’t take up a lot of space, but they give you ample storage where there otherwise wouldn’t be any!

Note that if you’re storing smaller items like a perfume bottle or makeup tubes, you’ll want to consider a closed bottomed shelf instead of something with slats so you don’t lose your goods!

Skinny Tower Cabinet

Perfectly suited to fit in a small space beside your toilet, a skinny bathroom storage cabinet is great for those items you want to store, but don’t want to draw attention to *ahem* tampons *ahem*.

This is one of those great small bathroom storage ideas for the bathrooms with truly limited space. If you’ve got a toilet, chances are you’ve got the space to fit one of these bad boys.

If you’re trying to hide items, stick with a bathroom storage cabinet that has a door to shield the shelves. You can tuck your cleaning supplies, extra toilet paper or tampons in and shut the door. And, on the top of the shelf, you can drop something cute and decorative like a plant!

Makeup Organizer

Calling all makeup lovers! You’d be seriously surprised at how much space your tiny bottles of foundation, tubes of lipstick and countless brushes take up in your bathroom. Sure, you can shove it all in a bag (or four if you’re like me) but it’s not the most organized solution.

If you have a ton of makeup and you’re looking for small bathroom storage ideas for keeping it organized, then I highly recommend a cosmetic storage organizer.

These easy-to-use organizers have spaces for everything in your makeup bag. Simply organize it how you find it best, and you’ll have really easy access to your makeup. If you have the space, you can set the organizer right on your counter. You can store it in the under-the-sink counter if you have it, or on your floating shelves!

Floating Wall Shelves

Floating shelves is one of the small bathroom storage ideas I went with. A few weeks after I moved into my current apartment, my mom and I hung three medium-sized shelves above my toilet which house most of our bathroom items.

Everything from my makeup organizer to my brush caddy and toothbrush holder gets put on these shelves. My one word of warning is that you do need to be mindful that shelves can very easily get cluttered!

Over the Toilet Shelf

While my first choice was to get an over the toilet bathroom storage shelf, it turns out I didn’t have nearly enough room to maneuver that—my toilet space is tiny. So I went with hanging shelves.

That said, if you have the space an over the toilet shelf is a great lazy man’s floating shelf and one of the best small bathroom storage ideas. It’ll give you two or three extra spaces (which was previously unusable wall space) to store your bathroom goods. Things like a makeup organizer, toothbrush station and your daily creams can all fit here.

Plus there isn’t any need to mark the walls with nails, so if you’re not allowed to hang things in your apartment, this is a great alternative!

Tips for Saving Space in Small Rooms

Buying furniture pieces isn’t your only option when it comes to small bathroom storage ideas, there are a lot of DIY things you can do. A few of the ones I love but admittedly haven’t tried include:

  • Use spice racks as small wall shelves—I did this in my old apartment and it worked great
  • Get some stick-on hooks to hang things under your counter
  • Use kiddie wall hangers (or adult ones, I just like the colours) for hanging things on your bathroom walls—I also did this in my last place it was great for hand towels and necklaces

There are a ton of great space-saving ideas for your bathroom out there. It helps to take inventory of what you have to store in your bathroom and choose your items from there. And don’t get the first thing you see, it’s easy to accidentally over-storage your bathroom and end up with a cluttered space.

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