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How To Spend the Weekend Like an Adult

I don’t know about you, but I am over the days of partying until the clubs close at 3 a.m., getting kicked out of bars and waiting on the sidewalk in a short skirt and high heels in the biting winter wind waiting for a cab — okay, fine, you got me, I borrowed that story from someone else.

The truth is, I’ve always been a bit of a nerd so my weekends have always been a little more “adult” than most people’s. Which makes me the perfect person to pen an article on how to truly adult on the weekend.

There are so many alcohol-less, club-less ways that you can spend your weekend. They won’t involve screaming girls, creepy dudes trying to slip you a drink (and subsequently get in your pants), puking on the sidewalk and getting in a fight with the Steve the bouncer who insists that you’ve had too much to drink and need to go home (you have and you should).

Now there’s nothing inherently wrong with catching a drink with your coworkers after the Friday shift is over, meeting up with your gal pals for some lawn bowling (drinking, “lawn bowling” is code for drinking) or heading out for a night on the town with that cutie Mark from accounting — but it’s equally as thrilling to curl up with a good book, watch a hilarious movie or hang out with a gaggle of friends in the comfort of your home (with cheap booze).

So, what can you do this weekend?

How to spend the weekend like an adult

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1. Curl up with a good book

Some nights (read: most nights) there is nothing better than sitting down with a nice warm tea (especially in one of these Canadian winters) and going on an adventure with some of your best literary friends. That book that’s been on your list for the past two years, you know the one that Katie got you for Christmas a few years back? Yeah, it’s calling your name… read me, read me, please…

Don’t have a good book?

2. Visit your local library

Local libraries are gems when it comes to adulting, and they do not get enough credit. The Calgary Public Library just opened the most amazing new library building in our city centre (aptly called the Central Library) and you can do anything there from picking up the latest must-read to recording a podcast or a video, there’s even a hall for writers to pen their latest novel and a jungle gym for any kidlets you might want to bring along.

Libraries are seriously undervalued as activity centres, but more and more we’re seeing them pop up as these grand gathering places that house more than just dusty books on shelves. Most municipalities offer a library card at a nominal price for residents (in Calgary they’re free) so pick yours up today and go find yourself a good read!

… they also often have DVDs and CDs for you to rent too. But seriously, who uses those anymore?

3. Binge a new TV series

If reading is not your thing, and I’ll admit that it’s not everyone’s, then perhaps bingeing the latest TV series or curling up on the couch with your dog to watch a flick is more up your alley.

What should you be watching?

The Man in the High Castle — if I’m being honest, I basically wrote this entire post just to tell you to binge watch The Man in the High Castle, because Rufus Sewell (obiv).

Bandersnatch (Black Mirror) — see how many different endings you can get, apparently there are a lot of them! And while you’re at it, give a little love to Will Poulter because the internet is full of assholes.

Bird Box — Normally I wouldn’t recommend a horror flick due to most people’s aversion to them, but this film is really good. Just please don’t do the Bird Box challenge, you’re better than that.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel — if you’re looking for a strong female lead and a laugh, this is the series for you. And also, Rufus Sewell (#sorrynotsorry).

4. Host a game night

I’ll admit, not everyone wants a “quiet night in” vibe for their weekend. Some people actually like spending time with other people — these people are obviously not me, but I’ll play ball. If you’re looking for a low key way to adult and have some fun with friends, might I suggest a game night?

Look, a game night doesn’t have to mean you get all dressed up and play some Dungeons and Dragons — though if that’s what you’re into, more power to ya. There are a ton of great group games that you can have a real laugh with.

Plus, game nights are pretty easy to put on. Ask everyone to BYOB and bring a snack for the group and voila, you’ve got yourself food, booze and some great company. We host game nights every once in a while and they are a serious blast. We recently hosted a family one with my mom… she loved playing What Do You Meme — which I 100% do not recommend playing with your mom, but alas.

Best games for game night?

The best games for your game night depend highly on your audience, but here are a few of my favorites to dust off and bring out:

What Do You Meme (my mom keeps talking about this game, yes my mom)

Cards Against Humanities (also not recommended if your BBF is your mom, aunt or grandmother — unless your grandmother is cool. On second thought mine might be a hoot to play it with, one time she tried to flush a woman’s wig in the toilet because she tried to take her man… that’s another story for another time, and also #goGrandma)

Apples to Apples, specifically for if your mom is in attendance and you have some semblance of shame making dick jokes in front of her. I clearly do not. (There’s also a Junior version for the kidlets)

Cranium, if you want to show off your intellectual prowess (it’s hanged not hung #YoureWelcome)

5. Be a tourist in your own city

Perhaps you have a little adventure in you and want to spend your weekend getting outside to explore. If that’s the case, track down some of your local hot spots (note I said hot spots, not watering holes).

Take a walk around a historic neighborhood in your city, or venture outside the city for a nice hike (pending the weather is nice enough). Or, better yet, hit up all the touristy spots with your selfie stick and post those babies on Instagram.

How are you going to spend the weekend?

Regardless of what you’re personally into, there is definitely a more adult way to spend your weekend. Skip hanging out outside the club with Jake, the hot jobless musician who’s car is missing the left-side window because he locked his keys in his car and figured the best way to get them out was to smash it with a crowbar instead of calling a tow truck.

Happy weekend adulting!

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