Why You Need to Start Journaling

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Journaling is one of my biggest anxiety combating tools. It helps me relax, work out issues and process my life. I’m a serious believer that everyone should start journaling. Here are my top reasons why:

Journaling is a great past-time and I try my best to do it every single night before I head to bed. It’s a way to get all of the jumbled thoughts spinning in my head out onto paper so I can manage to fall asleep.

It’s one of the best tools I have in my arsenal to combat my anxiety and work out any issues or worries I currently have. If you’re not a journaler, here’s why you should start:

It can help you become more creative

Those who aspire to have more creativity in their lives should definitely start journaling. It’s a great outlet that helps to spark creativity. 

This is especially the case if you aspire to be a writer—the best way to improve your writing skills is to keep writing. Those who write become better writers, and those who constantly write become exceptional writers.

Even if nothing inspiring is happening in your life, the practice of writing about nothing is a great way to spark those creative juices. Writer’s block is a serious thing, you may as well practice up while you have the opportunity.  

It can help improve your mental health

Mental health is all about dealing with situations and working through them. I personally struggle with anxiety that comes on when I least expect it. Writing is one of my main tools to combat this.

When it comes to dealing with stressful situations, journaling is a great go-to move. If you’re wondering why you should start journaling, one of the best reasons is that it helps you get more emotionally grounded.

The constant act of simply writing down your issues can help you see through to the other side if you will. And quite frankly, with some stressful situations, the act of writing it down gets rid of the issue!

It can help you develop insight and understanding

If you want to develop insight and understanding you should definitely start journaling. When I write things down, I start to see patterns of behaviour and solutions that had never occurred to me before.

It’s surprising how quickly you can develop meaningful insights into your life and personal situations. After a few measly entries, you start seeing into your own circumstances in the most insightful ways.

If you’re itching to develop more insight and understanding into your own life, I would highly recommend taking on journaling.  

It can help instill personal growth

Life is all about personal growth, I truly believe that. And if you’re wanting to instill that growth, you should definitely start journaling. 

My journal holds plans, ideas, inspiration, dreams, pretty much anything that I’m thinking about at the time. It’s amazing how writing things down can help you decide to go after you want.

When it comes down to it, my journal is essentially a record of what I hope to achieve combined with everything that I have achieved. It’s probably the biggest record I have of my personal growth plans and journey.

It can help you track your personal development

Not only do I detail how I want to grow, but it’s a great way to track how that growth is working out. If you start journaling, you’ll essentially have a record of your journey. 

Not only can you lay down all of your world domination plans, but you can also check in on them as you go along. A quick peek back on your journal pages will help you see how you’re doing on your journey to personal growth.

How to Start Journaling

Journaling is not a hard feat, but it does take a bit of getting used to. It feels silly to write things down, sometimes I’m penning things out thinking why am I writing this. But once you get the hang of it, it’s incredibly therapeutic.

If you’re not sure how to start, here are some tips:

  • Write every day. If you let yourself off the hook, it can be easy to continue to procrastinate.
  • Set out some time. At the beginning, it will probably feel weird, so it’s OK to just start with 15 minutes a day. If you’re enjoying it, spend longer. But, if not, 15 minutes goes by fast. 
  • If you’re struggling to write, simply write about your day or ask yourself questions. Answer things like how are you feeling, what was the best part of your day and what, if anything is bothering you right now. Answering questions can help provide you topics.
  • Be honest.

Journaling doesn’t have to be challenging. Just write what you need to.

Why did you start journaling? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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